pre-pod inspira

There have been so many things over the last few years that I found inspiring in some way or another. Some big things, like traveling to new places, but generally not. Sometimes the little things are the most meaningful.

I remember one time seeing an American Goldfinch in my backyard. Its bright yellow body darting from one tree to another caught my eye. I’m a bit of a birder and had never seen one before and it made my day.

Finding a pressed flower in a long-forgotten book is another. I don’t remember where it came from, but I’m sure it meant something when it was put there.

So, with that said, on this page I’ve tried to collect some of those snippets that happened before the podcast. Do I remember all of them? Of course not. But perhaps seeing some of them here will help inspire you to look for, and even find, creative inspiration in every day life.

The American Goldfinch


The little bugger in my backyard was too fast for me to photograph, so here is the American Goldfinch as depicted by the Audubon Society. If you have any interest in birds The Audubon Society is a must-check out. I became a birder after a trip to Costa Rica, and I say after because for some reason while I was there – Costa Rica is an internationally-known birding hotspot – I didn’t realize how big birding was. It wasn’t until I came home and was still looking for birds that the lightbulb clicked that this was something people are very serious about. The society allows you to download free high-resolution images of John James Audubon’s Birds of America for printing and framing. There have posted 435 illustrations of North American birds that are truly stunning and worth a look.

The “Found” Forgotten Memory


I found this pressed flower in my seven-pound copy of The Complete Illustrated Shakespeare that I have probably had for close to thirty years. I’ve lugged this behemoth with me during every move since college. It’s enormous. It’s over 800 pages. I found this while I was preparing to move yet again in 2017. It was pressed between page 436 and 437, Act IV, Scene VI, of King Henry the Sixth. Why it’s there is a mystery and I can’t think of any connection to this particular play. Knowing myself, I put it there for a reason, but now the reason is long gone. I really tried to place it, but it couldn’t. But it did get me thinking because it obviously meant enough to keep and preserve it. Did I keep it because it was from someone worth remembering? Did I keep it because I wanted to remember the day I got it? Were there others with it? I will probably never know, but it’s staying there whatever it means.






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